Merry MeetThe new Morriganic tradition forging a new path 2010 Born out DarkMoonCircle and the heart of our HPsDedicated in the service of the Goddess.We are eclectic Celtic flavored,we come from many pathsYet we are one We are Witches,Priestesses,Mystics,Wiccans,Poets.We are women focused on the Goddess, so in some way s we are more Dianic in natureYet we do not through baby out with bath water and totally ignore the God.

Our Purpose-To provide a place for those who wish to know and experience the Morrigan in a deeper way, to aid in the emperment of women, and a place of healing and magick This does not mean the Morrigan must be your matron but must be opened to work with Her as well.

To provide an online coven sisterhood for those who desire it, who are unable to participate in a live coven at home In the coven you will experiencethe magick of ritual, meditation, knowldge shared, mutual support In the coven there is classes structured and non structered as well

We do have a seperate site Temple of the Morrigan being developed for formal Priestess clases for those who wish initiation into our circle and tradition

Our Lineage-

Our lineage is rooted in Gardnerian and Alexandrian as our HPS / founding Mother has trained in both a coven and tradition wiith roots in both  Our council is made of women who have led their own circles ,as well as one who is Elder HPs 3rd degree in WiccaSeveral of us are also of Irish,Celtic descent.

Our online coven please read front page for more infor-                 

If interested must be 20 yrs of age and older..

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