DarkMoonCircle online coven

 Dark Moon Circle.An ecclectic,
Celtic flavored circle Dedicated ot the Goddess Morrigan
We are more Dianic in nature as we honor the Goddess as supreme.
We are not atraditional Wiccan coven although some are on the Wiccan Path
Discussions are centered on the Goddess in all Her aspects,Witchcraft,Magick,Mythology, and Paganism Must be 20yrs old and older.The Darkmoon is a time when the Moons face is hiden a time to journey btween worlds,time for shadowwork.self transformation and discovery.

The Purpose of Dark Moon Circle is to share in the magick, rituals, teaching and empowerment as well as mutual support. There will be formal and informal classes available. Formal Priestess initiation
As we learn and grow together.Classes are not required for you to be part of DMC as long as your involed:)
Participation is much encouraged and required as it would be for you join any coven. We are flexible when it comes to schedulals.
We belivein the supremecy of the Goddess Honoring all phases of the moon and come alive on the Dark. We honor the Sabbats as the Goddess dances and turns the wheel. We recognize the God on Beltane We believe in personal responsibility for our magick and lives.We honor the Sacred in all things
We beleive we are stewards caretakers of the Earth and must do our part.
We belive Magick is in all and all around us, We use magick for postive changes in our lives and loved ones.We are Witches, Pagans,Wiccan Shamman,Mystic,Healers, We are Daughters of the Goddess

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          HighPriestess/Founding Mother
                   Elder – High Priestess
                       – Scribe
                Gaurdian of DMC on Spruz